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Cadillac – vehicle personally driven by Tito during his stay on the island.
In this Cadillac with 18.000 miles on it, Tito toured the National Park from 1953 to 1979.
Numerous celebrities from the world of film, music and arts were introduced to the Brijuni attractions in this Cadillac. Who knows what stories about some bygone romantic times this Cadillac could tell us?

Capture your own Cadillac moment and indulge in the romantic Brijuni experience.

Electric Cars

If you wish to have a different Brijuni experience, you can rent an electric car, the ideal mode of transportation for remote island locations. Electric car is a favourite of families with small children.

If you wish to set off in search of solitary beaches on the island or explore numerous hidden locations scattered around Veli Brijun, electric car is the best way to get around the island.


Use our bicycles for a completely unusual wedding.
A pleasant ride and mild breeze are the ideal combination for a total indulgence in mysterious beauties of the Brijuni.
Our offer comprises more than 300 bicycles of various sizes for children and adults, mono speed city bikes that suit everyone.

The perfect mode of transportation for creative and eco-friendly weddings that will undoubtedly be met with lots of enthusiasm of your guests.


We can organise transportation on the little Brijuni tourist train. The little Brijuni road train with seating capacity for 80 passengers is a lovely sight and a beloved way of getting around for numerous tourists.

Ideal transportation to the most remote island locations for your guests.

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