Get to know Mediterranean herbs and plants

Educational trail Zelenikovac

The walking educational trail Zelenikovac is a unique blend of natural, cultural and geological-paleontological heritage from the Early Cretaceous period.
Blend of natural, cultural and geological-paleontological heritage

25 cultural and historical sights

Pleasant trail and shady coast

Along this pleasant trail and shady coast, visitors can see 25 information boards with numerous information on various cultural and historical features around them (limestone, medieval naval battle and the islands of Sv. Jerolim and Kozada in the Fažana Channel) and geological-paleontological phenomena (dinosaurs' footprints, fossilized shells of the nerinea gastropod, ripple marks of various sizes and bone breccia).  

A leisurely stroll

During this leisurely stroll, visitors can also get to know the maquis plants as well as the bird species that live here.

The trail is 1300 meters long and is suitable for everyone, regardless of their physical fitness. The trail starts in Javorica Bay and leads towards Cape Ploče, across the Cape Kozlac and ends at the Rankun Bay.  

Although it is the shortest (or perhaps precisely because of this), many visitors will include this trail in their visit to the National Park.   

About 100 million years old

Geological-paleontological phenomena

Fossilized shells of the nerinea gastropod

Highly-spired gastropod shells usually measure 3-4 cm in height and 10-13 mm in diameter and some of these are completely preserved, others can only be seen in cross-section view. They belong to the Albian Epoch, Early Cretaceous period. They appeared about 100 million years ago.

Ripple marks

Sedimentological structure resulting from the activities of waves and tides during the Early Cretaceous period about 100 million years ago. Such lithified phenomena of sea bottom sediments point to the one-time shallow waters.

Bone breccia

Appeared as a result of tectonics in Early Cretaceous (Albian Epoch) limestone formations during the Quaternary Period, several tens of thousands of years ago (Early Pleistocene). Within the breccia fragments, parts of mammals' bones can be seen, the reason why this type of breccia has been named bone breccia.

Walk along the educational trail Zelenikovac and fall in love with the beauty of Brijuni National Park.
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