Area for relaxation and positive thoughts

Path of good vibrations

Sit, relax and indulge in the feelings of happiness, love and freedom. Discover the magic of Brijuni that you have never experienced before.
Reflection on beauty, happiness and love

Magical stops for relaxation

The path of good vibrations is a walking and cycling path for individual sightseeing with magical stops for relaxation, reflection on beauty, happiness and love with the aim of moving away from the stressful everyday life.

Eight carefully selected locations

The path consists of eight carefully selected locations, three in Fažana and five on Veliki Brijun. There are art benches, deck chairs, swings, information boards that reveal the specialty of the locality and the sounds of nature, piano music and „klapa“ (a capella) songs that complete the moment.

Fažana locations can be viewed at any time, without prior notice and payment. For Brijuni National Park sites, prior notice and park entrance payment is required.

The trail is more demanding if you are walking, while cycling is not as difficult.

Feelings of happiness, fulfillment, love and freedom


Stories by the lantern

It elegantly walks along Fažana’s breakwater. Stretching lazily, it greets the setting sun, the warm stone, smell of sea salt, the sunlit fishing nets, and the cries of seagulls … At sunset, it calls for relaxation, a rest of thought with the panorama of Fažana at its paw! (Cat)

Medieval jewel within the tranquil olive groves

From within the tranquil olive groves the medieval Church of St. Eliseus entices reverie accompanied by piano prelude and guitar chords.

At the meeting point of freshwater and saltwater

Dragonflies and seagulls can be seen flying above the water. In spring we can come across an occasional frog or a harmless grass snake. And while, perched on a branch, the common kingfisher keeps a watchful eye on the fish in the water due to many insects in the evening, bats are a common sight in their nightly insect hunt.

Discover the magic you have never experienced before

Veliki Brijun

Safari Park

Experience the Safari Park from a different perspective and spin the energy on a bench with a 360° view. Enjoy being surrounded by the sea on one side and the animals on other side. 


Hear the silence and enjoy the forest notes: magical birds singing and leaves rustling in the tree tops of ancient trees. 

St. Mary’s Basilica

Feel the spirit of a distant past. Enjoy the view over one of the most fascinating archaeological sites that provided peace and shelter to ancient Byzantine stone cutters and medieval Templars.  

Dobrika Bay 

Swing between the sea and the sky. Let the blue expanse and Brijuni islets take your breath away. 


Feel the energy of Brijuni from the time of Kupelwieser on the century-old belvedere of unique construction. Feel peace and preserve the memory of enchanting views. Places that cannot be described in words, but should be experienced. Places so magical, yet real, whose beauty everyone experiences differently.

Sit, relax and indulge in the wonderful feelings of happiness, fulfillment, love, and freedom. Discover the magic of Brijuni you have never experienced before.
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