Cultural goods

Museum Collection

The Brijuni National Park Subdepartment for protection of cultural heritage takes care of 19 museum and 2 documentation collections, which altogether encompass over 50 000 inventory units. Most collections have been formed, listed and systematized in the last twenty years.
Museum collections open to the public

Museum collections

According to the classification of the Museum Documentation Center, museum collections are classified as follows:

Cultural and Historical Department

  • Ethnographic collection
  • Josip Broz Tito memorial collection
  • Collection of photographs
  • Collection of hotel dishes and utensils, utility and decorative items
  • Collection of drawings and maps
  • Furniture collection
  • Postcards collection
  • Sports collection
  • Collection of printed materials
  • Flag collection

Archaeological Department

  • Prehistoric collection
  • Antiquity collection
  • Medieval collection
  • Collection of stone monuments


Department of Natural History

  • Geological and paleontological collection
  • Mineralogy and petrology collection
  • Zoological collection


Documentation Department

  • Photograph collection
  • Collection of photographic slides