Your personal chef at the villa

Taste Brijuni

Our chef will prepare gastronomic delicacies at the villa and fulfil the guests’ wishes. We can arrange the arrival of a personal chef who will prepare your desired menus.

Chef at the villa

Restaurant services on the Brijuni Islands boast a long tradition, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. Our top chefs prepare rich meals accompanied by a quality service in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. They also prepare unique delicacies with the highest quality seasonal ingredients for all kinds of occasions.

Today, at the beginning of a new millennium, the Brijuni restaurant services strive to follow new dining trends, while spaces where meals are prepared and served evoke the images of Brijuni's rich history. Although culinary skills and the culture of dining have changed throughout history, certain dishes prepared according to the recipes from Brijuni's rich history pique the interest of visitors even today.

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