Changes of names through history

Terminology pertaining to the islands

Most Istrian toponyms have historically founded binominal or bilingual names, so the Croatian term Brijuni has an Italian counterpart - Brioni. However, this was not always the name of the islands, since there were many variations over the years.

Insullae Pullariae

Numerous Roman villae rusticae adorned the coast of these islands referred to by Pliny the Elder as Insullae Pullariae. At that time, Mali and Veli Brijun formed a unique whole. 

In the 6th century, Brevona was mentioned for the first time, the name meaning a warning of shoals. According to some experts, this toponym dates from late antiquity, whereas others say it is of pre-Illyrian origin.

Brioni first mentioned in 1421

Numerous forms of this name were mentioned in Venetian times (Brevogno, Brevono, Brevonio/Brevonis, Birfoni, Breoni, Dibrioni). Brioni are mentioned for the first time in 1421. This form has been preserved in Italian and through characteristic features of the Croatian language became a Croatian toponym. Therefore, both historic and linguistic variants have been preserved and used until today: Brijuni and Brioni.