Environment-friendly means of transport

Electric cars

The original purpose of electric cars was making it easier for golf players to get around, but the purpose changed over time. Today, the electric car is a common environment-friendly means of transport for exploring Veliki Brijun.
The best way to explore Veliki Brijun

Electric vehicle

The electric car has become a means of transportation for those in search of undiscovered bays on the island or those who want to explore numerous cultural and historical sights scattered throughout the island.

Guests of the Brijuni National Park are happy to use the electric cars as they provide them with a simple and safe way to find the desired locations.


Experience all interesting features in a relaxed way

An electric car can carry up to four people, so this vehicle is ideal for families with small children. This way, you will be able to see all the interesting features hidden on the Veliki Brijun.

Take advantage of all the benefits of an electric car and explore Veliki Brijun on your own.

- During promotional price periods, daily rental of electric cars is not possible.

* Payments for Sports services can be made only by card. Payments in cash are not accepted.

* Reservations are not possible.

Info: +385 99 808 1945

Help: +385 98 399 535

Info e-mail: sport-org@np-brijuni.hr

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Awaken the explorer in you and discover the hidden beauties of Veliki Brijun in a comfortable car ride.