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Team building

With the desire to meet all the needs of congress and incentive tourism, as well as to offer our visitors something truly special, we have created team building programs that are unique in many aspects: dynamic, creative, interactive, educational, and above all - fun!
In cooperation with teams of experts

Programs we offer

Photo safari

The Photo safari programme is designed to introduce visitors to the numerous animal species inhabiting the Brijuni islands, the islands’ rich cultural heritage, interesting facts and fun stories – all of it through entertaining and interesting tasks.

Little secrets of the big island

The programme is intended as a walk around Veliki Brijun, and it includes a photography exhibit, a visit to the oldest olive tree in Istria, and a meeting with Koki the cockatoo, the mascot of the Brijuni islands.

Adriatic encounters

The programme is inspired by traditional Adriatic games. It is actually a competition in traditional sports and games centred around the area’s long history of seafaring and hard labour.

Multi-activity day

The programme is centred around the idea of arranging a day when participants can try their hand at various activities in two to four different timeslots. It is suitable for a large group since there are several activities taking place at once. The activities include: kayaking, paddle boarding, diving along the underwater educational route in Verige Bay, beginner’s golf classes, and a bike tour of Brijuni islands.

Graffiti masterclass

The programme consists of two portions. The first portion takes you through the history of the graffiti scene, and in the second, participants can try their hand at creating their own graffiti. It can also be turned into a competition.

Mini film festival

The team is divided into different roles: actors, cameramen, screenwriters, costume designers and other members of the film crew, equipped with cameras, tripods, clapperboards and various other props. Their mission is to come up with a script and characters, find the most beautiful locations and make a short film that will leave their competitors in the dust.

Building Mensa team

Participants are divided into teams, each at their own table. The programme includes a fun test of observation, logical intelligence, numerical intelligence and memory. Result analysis and award ceremony take place approximately an hour after the programme or more, depending on the client’s wishes.

Make it special

To make your stay on Brijuni islands a bit more special and fun, we can help you organise various daytime or evening events. If you are considering having an outdoor picnic or watching a film under the stars, look no further – Brijuni islands are the perfect spot for you.

Strengthen cohesion within the team and improve company relationships by choosing one of the exciting team building programs.