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Team building

With the desire to meet all the needs of congress and incentive tourism, as well as to offer our visitors something truly special, we have created team building programs that are unique in many aspects: dynamic, creative, interactive, educational, and above all - fun!

Photo safari

The photo safari is organised in small groups. Each group is assigned a private guide and is equipped with bicycles and a map of Brijuni with marked locations of the attractions. A list of tasks in the form of riddles is prepared in advance and the participants have to photograph the solution of the riddle. Explore Verige bay in search for the remains of the Roman villa, the most luxurious ancient villa on the Adriatic. Discover the wine cellar from the 1st century, locate amphorae used to store olive oil and the hidden mosaic of the villa. Listen to interesting stories about villa inhabitants and the lifestyle in ancient times.

The great island’s little secrets

This programme includes all must-see attractions of the island such as Stara maslina (the old olive tree), the photo exhibition and our very own island chatterbox, Koki the Parrot. The participants, divided into guided groups, have to locate and photograph as many as possible attractions on the task list. Each photographed item is scored and the group with the most points wins. highest score is the winner. Search for hidden locations on the island and capture Brijuni hidden treasure through the lens. Find the headless Roman statue or the soldier in “The Dance of the Dead “mural. Locate the French aristocrat secretly playing golf on the Brijuni Islands or take a selfie with Queen Elizabeth.

Adriatic games

Combining physical activity with knowledge, the tasks mainly celebrate the sea and the life on its shores. Each team is given a task tour schedule. Tasks will be explained by a moderator who will record scores. The team that completes the most tasks within a certain time limit and achieves the best score is the winner. Are you ready for some rowing? Do you know how to lasso a bollard? What do you know about fishing nets?

Multi-activity day

This programme includes various activities and is suitable even for larger groups divided into teams because the activities can occur simultaneously. Explore Brijuni on a bike, go for a dive on the underwater trail in Verige bay, learn the basics of golf or try SUP paddling.

Graffiti masterclass

Given the significant impact graffiti art has had on our popular culture, from music, film and television to fine art, toys and clothing, it is easy to forget its humble beginnings and remarkable evolution. Participants will make their own sketches and the workshop mentor will give each participant an original outline of their name on
a thick A3 paper as a souvenir. This is followed by a graffiti battle between the teams under expert supervision.

Mini film festival

Just as a literary composition requires more than just reading and writing skills, so do film and video require more than just a basic knowledge of the expressive means of the media too. Film as a medium requires one’s own creativity to be aligned with various skills. Divided into the roles of actors, cameramen, screenwriters, costume designers and other film staff, and equipped with cameras, tripods, clapperboards and other props, the participants are asked to design characters, write a screenplay and find the most attractive locations for shooting a short film.

Building Mensa team

The benefits of solving riddles and quizzes are twofold. The brain is an organ that thrives on regular exercise, just like other body organs. Think of these exercises as mental aerobics. Regular brain challenges will keep your mind healthy and active, ensure active neural connections, improve mental associations and search pathways, and they can also prevent dementia later in life. What makes our exercises special is that they affect different parts of the brain. They encourage lateral thinking which helps you address problems from several different aspects. Focus on details in the observation test. Visit the facilities and answer the following questions: What colour are the pillows in the Neptun Hotel ? What is the name of the building across from the Neptun Hotel? What is the name of the waiter from the Neptune coffee shop? Play our memory game and practice the visual observation of your employees or take the team iq test in which you have to solve a list of logical and numerical questions together.

Make it special team bonding 

Outdoor dining (lunch or dinner)-Stara maslina with its lush and rich canopy and impressive trunk width serves as the perfect backdrop for an outdoor picnic, lunch or dinner. Clear wall tent exudes luxury while providing upscale special aesthetics and protection from the elements. It is the perfect choice for making memories under the open skies. Movie night under the stars is a one-of-a-kind experience. Recent refurbishment of the open-air movie theatre makes this programme even more appealing.
Picnic Indulge - in seasonal culinary delights or create your very own plate from local ingredients. Make yourself comfortable on a picnic blanket and enjoy the relaxing gathering.

Adrenaline rush 

Outdoor orientation: This programme includes trekking with a GPS device. The group is divided into teams. Each team has to track down GPS-set locations where more or less demanding adrenaline-filled challenges await them. This programme is suitable for beginners, it is completely safe and it is carried out under the supervision of an alpinism instructor. Show off your skills in swinging over a certain area Tarzan-style. Climb the fisherman’s net climbing net which, thanks to its soft rope structure, moves in all directions thus presenting a challenge to climbers. The climbing net is also suitable for less skilled participants as they are all equipped with safety equipment and a rope. Don’t miss out on the circus-inspired bird on a wire challenge in which a walker, secured with a safety steel rope, has to balance on a thin wire across the “canyon” with a stick in their hand.

Blessings of the sea

This all-about-the-sea programme includes a walk on wild beaches and collecting debris of various shapes and sizes. There is something special about designing and making unique works of art from the materials the sea has carried and shaped for hundreds of years just to wash them ashore as a gift to us.

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