Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to visit the island of Veli Brijun as an independent traveller?

Yes. You need to buy an individual ticket and you can use the Brijuni Pocket Guide app on your phone as an expert guide.

What is included in the excursion to Veli Brijun?

The guided excursion to Veli Brijun includes a return boat transfer from Fažana to the island of Veli Brijun, sightseeing with an expert guide, a tourist train ride around the island, a visit to the Safari Park, a visit to permanent exhibition displays of the Museum and a visit to the Mediterranean Garden and the Old Olive Tree.

Visitors are free to rent an electric car or bicycle and explore the sights on their own with the help and navigation of our Brijuni Pocket Guide mobile app.

Is it possible to stay on the island after the guided tour has ended?

You can return to Fažana on your own using any boat line. The boat schedule is available at the following link:

Are pets allowed on the island?

Free movement of dogs and other pets within the National Park is prohibited. Visitors can tie their dogs or take them along with them, but only provided that dogs are walked on a leash in areas where dogs are allowed. Pets are allowed to stay in the hotel only in rooms specifically designated for guests with pets. Dogs are not allowed on the tourist train or in museums. A dog ticket is charged.

Exceptionally, therapy dogs and service dogs are allowed entry to buildings open for visitors.

Can I take my own bicycle with me to the island?

It is permitted to bring a private bicycle or scooter to the island provided that a prior notice is given no later than 24 hours in advance ( An additional fee shall be charged for transport of bicycles or scooters to the island.

Do hotel guests have to pay for the boat transfer to the island?

The accommodation price includes transportation by boat to the island when arriving and from it when leaving. It also includes one crossing per day, in the direction Brijuni-Fažana-Brijuni. All other crossings shall be charged in accordance with the valid price list for the hotel’s guests.

The boat line for hotel guests departs at 12:30 p.m. A timetable of later departures is available at: Brijuni National Park Timetable | Brijuni National Park (

If you would like to arrive at the island sooner, tickets at regular prices are available at the National Park. Please visit for more information.

Where can I leave my car in Fažana?

The hotel offers a safe parking lot under surveillance for its guests located at Ulica Boraca 9, Fažana. Please leave the garage by 12:00 PM on the day of departure. Should you leave the garage after 12:00 PM, you will be charged extra. Other visitors can leave their cars in the municipal parking lot right by the port of Fažana, which is the point of departure for boats headed to the island of Veli Brijun.

Is it necessary to book tickets for the excursion to Veli Brijun and where can I purchase them?

We advise you to book and purchase your tickets in advance in order to be part of the group that offers tours in the language you speak. You can purchase your ticket on our website (, via e-mail at: or personally at JU NP Brijuni next to the main pier in the port of Fažana.

I was not able to use the ticket I purchased. Can I use the ticket at a different time or get a refund?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the ticket at a different time or get a refund for the tickets you already purchased.

Do you offer group discount for purchased tickets?

Group discount is granted for groups of at least 25 persons.

I purchased tickets on your website. Do I have to print out the tickets that were e-mailed to me?

It is not necessary to print out your tickets; you will only need to show the bar code of the ticket when boarding the boat.

Although we are not hotel guests, can we still eat at some of your restaurants?

You are free to eat at any of our restaurants. The list of our catering facilities is available at the following link:

If we find a peacock tail feather on the island, can we take it with us?

It is not permitted to remove “natural souvenirs” such as peacock feathers, antlers or similar objects from the natural habitat of these animals or to take such items away with you. These should not be touched and should be left where found. If needed, you should notify the park wardens thereof and they will make sure that the items are safely removed.

We would like to book our stay at one of your hotels. Who should we contact?

Please send your enquiry by e-mail at

We would like to organize our wedding on the island. Is it possible to get an offer?

Please send your enquiry by e-mail at

Is it possible to book an electric car?

You can book an electric car or bicycle by making an advance payment of a daily electric car rental fee. Please send your enquiry by e-mail at

Can we moor our yacht/sailing boat/boat in your port without prior notice?

You can moor in the port of Veli Brijun without prior notice. Upon docking, you will be met by one of our sailors who will collect your personal information and boat documentation for the purpose of vessel registration.

From what time can I check in on the day of arrival and by what time should I leave the room on the day of departure?

Check-in is after 3 p.m. and check-out is by 10 a.m. for all hotels and villas in Brijuni NP and is done at the Neptun front desk.