Frequently asked questions


How can I purchase tickets for an excursion to Veliki Brijun, and should I purchase them in advance?

We advise you to purchase your tickets in advance to secure your place on a tour in your preferred language. You can purchase your ticket through our webshop ( All visitors eligible for a discounted ticket (Croatian war veterans, students, pensioners, persons with disabilities and Mudrica card users) should book their tickets via e-mail at:, and purchase them half an hour before the boat departure at the office of the Public Institution Brijuni NP, Brionska 10, next to the main pier in the port of Fažana.

What is the address and working hours of the office/ticket office in Fažana? What are the working hours of museums, the Sport house, restaurants, cafés?

The working hours change depending on the season. For up-to-date working hours of all Brijuni NP services, visit the following link:

The address is Brionska 10, and the office is located near the pier of departure of the boat travelling to Brijuni NP.

What is the price and duration of the excursion to Veliki Brijun, and what does it include?

The excursion takes around 4 hours. It includes a 1-hour tourist train ride, while the other attractions included in the programme are explored on foot. The guided excursion to Veliki Brijun includes a return boat trip from Fažana to the island of Veliki Brijun, sightseeing with an expert guide, a tourist train ride around the island, a visit to the Safari Park, a visit to permanent exhibition displays of the Museum and a tour of the Brijuni Mediterranean garden and the old olive tree. You can find detailed information and prices of the excursion on our website by visiting the following link:

Visitors are free to rent an electric car or bicycle and explore the sights on their own with the help and navigation of our Brijuni Pocket Guide mobile app.

Do you offer a family ticket?

No, you can only purchase individual tickets. Children up to the age of 7 have free admission to the Brijuni NP, and children between the ages of 7 and 18 pay 50% of the regular ticket price.

What if I arrive earlier or later than the time printed on the ticket?

It is not possible to enter the park earlier or later than the scheduled time, i.e. the time printed on the ticket.

Where can I check the boat schedule?

The boat schedule is available on our website:

Can I visit the island of Veliki Brijun on my own?

Yes, you can visit it on your own by buying an individual Brijuni Pocket Guide ticket. You can use the Brijuni Pocket Guide app on your mobile phone and explore the sights on foot or by renting an electric car, electric scooter, or bicycle.

How to use the Brijuni Pocket Guide app?

NOTE: Since NP Brijuni regularly updates the Brijuni Pocket Guide application with new data, an already downloaded application can be refreshed as follows - select the section Info > Reset all downloaded data > select the desired language while downloading the new application content.

Is it possible to stay on the island after the guided excursion has ended?

Individual visitors (as opposed to organised tour groups) can return to Fažana on any boat travelling from Brijuni NP. The boat schedule is available at the following link:

I was not able to use the ticket I purchased. Can I use the ticket at a different time or get a refund?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the ticket at a different time or get a refund for the tickets you already purchased.

Do you offer group discount for purchased tickets?

Group discount is granted for groups of at least 25 persons.

Is it possible to book excursion tickets?

Booking of excursion tickets is mandatory for groups and visitors eligible for a discounted ticket (Croatian war veterans, students, pensioners, persons with disabilities and Mudrica card users).

I purchased tickets from your website. Do I have to print out the tickets that I received by e-mail?

It is not necessary to print out your tickets; you will only need to show the ticket barcode when boarding the boat.

Are visits to museums and the Safari Park paid extra?

The museums and the Safari Park are included in the price of the excursion.

Can I visit the Safari Park without taking the tourist train, and how far is it from the port of Veliki Brijun?

You can reach the Safari Park on foot; it is just over 3 kilometres away from the port.

What animals can I see in the Safari Park?

The Safari Park is home to exotic animals – Indian female elephant Lanka, llama, zebras, Indian sacred cows and ostriches. The Safari Park also includes an ethno park representing a typical Istrian homestead with native animal species – sheep, donkeys and goats.

Will the excursion be rescheduled in case of bad weather?

Not unless the boat cannot depart due to rough seas.

Is the park open on holidays?

Brijuni NP is open every day of the year except during January and February. Visits in those months can be organised only for groups and upon request.

Does the Brijuni Pocket Guide ticket include a tourist train ride?


Although we are not hotel guests, can we still eat at one of your restaurants?

You are free to eat at any of our restaurants. The list of our catering facilities is available at the following link:

Is there a store or an ATM on the island of Veliki Brijun?

There are no stores (apart from the souvenir shop) or ATMs on the island.

Who do I need to contact if I want to play golf on the Brijuni Islands?

It is not necessary to book a tee time. You can take any boat travelling to and from the island. For all other information, please e-mail us at:

Is it possible to visit the White Villa and the military facilities?

No. They are used for residential purposes.

If we find a peacock tail feather on the island, can we take it with us?

It is not permitted to remove “natural souvenirs” such as peacock feathers, deer antlers or similar objects from the natural habitat of these animals, or to take such items away with you. These should not be touched and should be left where found. If needed, notify the park wardens and they will make sure that the items are safely removed.


Where can I rent and pay for electric cars and bicycles?

You can rent them at the Sport house, at the port of Veliki Brijun. Payments can be made only by cards.

Can I bring a pram and/or a kids’ bicycle to the island?

Yes, this is allowed. Smaller kids’ items such as prams, kids’ push cars and skateboards, etc. can be brought free of charge. For everything else, there is a fee.

Is it possible to rent a kids’ bicycle?

Yes, and there are also bicycles for adults with a trailer for kids.

Are there any discounts for hotel guests?

Yes, hotel guests are offered discounts on bicycles, green fees, kayaks and the underwater trail.

When do we need to return the rented electric car, bicycle, scooter, etc.?

Returns can be made before the end of the working hours (working hours depend on the time of the year). Vehicles can be rented up to 1 hour before the end of the working day as rentals are charged by the hour.

What if we don’t return the vehicle by that time?

A fine shall be charged for late returns according to the valid price list: given that the vehicles have to be charged so that they can be used the next day.

Can we return the vehicle (electric car, bicycle, scooter, etc.) at another location?

No, all vehicles have to be returned to the place where they were collected.

How many people can ride in the electric car?

The electric car can fit at most the number of people indicated in the price list:

Can a child seat be fitted in the electric car?

The electric car is not designed for installing a child seat. Kids can ride on the seat, or if they are not big enough, you can hold them in your lap or a baby carrier.

Does a daily rental of the electric car count as 24 hours?

No, a “daily” rental refers to the time until the end of the working hours.

Is there a discount for multi-day rentals of the electric car?


How many children can ride in the bicycle trailer?

The trailers can fit 1 to 2 children of a total weight of up to 34 kg.

Can you book a bicycle, electric car or scooter in advance?

No bookings of any type of vehicles are possible. You can check the availability only upon arriving at the island.

Is it possible to get an R1 invoice?

You can request an R1 invoice before payment.

What documents are required for renting a vehicle?

For renting electric cars and scooters, you need to present a driving licence and an ID card. For renting bicycles, you only need an ID card or a personal identification number

Can I rent an electric car or scooter without an identity document?

It is not possible to rent a motor vehicle without a valid driving licence

Can I bring my own bicycle or scooter to the island?

You can bring your own bicycle or scooter to the island at a charge and with prior notice at least 24 hours in advance ( Price of transport according to the valid price list

Why is the charge for transport of own bicycles so high?

The boat is intended for passenger transport and doesn’t have enough room for bicycle transport. Guests are offered bicycle rental on the island of Veliki Brijun.

What is the grace period for vehicle rental, i.e. after what time will I be charged an extra hour?

The grace period is a maximum of 15 minutes, provided you have a justifiable reason.

There is a 20% fixed discount on bicycles for hotel guests, and other discounts are listed in the price list.

Where do I rent a golf club, pay the green fee, etc.?

Golf clubs are rented at the Club House, and paid at the Sport house. The green fee is paid at the Sport house and the office. The golf cart can be rented at the Sport house.


Do hotel guests have to pay for the boat transfer to the island?

Before boarding the ship, you must report to the branch office of NP Brijuni, address: Brionska 10, and present the confirmation accommodation reservations in National Park Brijuni. 

The price of accommodation includes transport by boat both on arrival, departure, as well as once a day during your stay on the Brijuni – Fažana – Brijuni line. All other transfers are charged according to the valid price list for hotel guests.
The first boat for hotel guests departs at 12:30 p.m. The later schedule is available at the following link: Brijuni National Park Boat Schedule | Brijuni National Park (
If you wish to arrive at the island earlier, you can purchase a ticket in the Brijuni NP according to the regular price list. More information available at:

What if hotel guests arrive after the end of the working hours of the office in Fažana?

Hotel guests can pick up their passes at the control service, Brionska 10, in Fažana.

Where is the parking for hotel guests located in Fažana?

Guarded parking is available for hotel guests at Ulica Boraca 9, Fažana. The price of parking is € 12.00 per vehicle per day, except in June, July, August and September when it is € 15.00 per vehicle per day. Payment at the Neptun Hotel reception. Please leave the parking lot by 12:00 on the day of departure. Staying after 12:00 is charged additionally.

We would like to book a stay at one of your facilities. Who should we contact?

Please send your enquiry by e-mail at

How much is the extra charge for a person not included in the booking?

The extra charge is determined according to the method of booking.

At what time can I enter my room on the day of arrival and by what time should I leave my room on the day of departure?

Check-in is after 3 p.m. and check-out is by 11 a.m. for all hotels and villas in Brijuni NP, and is done at the Neptun front desk.

Is there anywhere I can leave my luggage?

Yes, next to the front desk of the Istra/Neptun hotels. Please ask the front desk staff upon arrival.

Are towels included in the price of accommodation?

Towels are included in the price of accommodation in all our facilities.

Does the hotel provide beach towels?

Yes. The hotel provides beach towels for guests free of charge.

Does the hotel offer washing and ironing services?

Yes. At a fee.

Are there gluten-free and vegan options?

Our facilities offer gluten-free and vegan options. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements upon booking and arrival to the facility.

Can I enter my room before check-in time (3 p.m.)?

Check-in is after 3 p.m. and check-out is by 11 a.m. If you arrive at the hotel before 3 p.m., check at the front desk whether your room is already available.

Can I check in after 8 p.m.?

Check-in is possible even after 8 p.m. The front desk is open 24 hours a day at all our hotels. Please let us know your estimated time of arrival by 8 p.m. on the day of arrival.

Is it possible to stay in the room longer on the day of departure?

Subject to availability, you can extend your stay in the room on the day of departure by contacting the front desk staff. Extended stay is charged 50% of the full rate of the room.

Can you send me the rates for the entire month or season?

Our rates change depending on supply and demand. You can check out our offers at

If I change the dates of my stay, will it affect the rate?

Rates depend on the dates of stay and availability, and are subject to change.

Can I request a specific room/suite (preferred floor, view, etc.)?

It is only possible to book a specific type of room or suite. You can note your preference upon booking so that we can take it into account when assigning rooms, depending on availability.

Does the room come with an extra bed/crib?

An extra bed is provided if specified in the room description. At certain accommodation units, a crib can be provided free of charge upon request.


Are pets allowed on the island?

They are allowed. Free movement of dogs and other pets within the National Park is prohibited. Visitors can tie their dogs, or walk them on a leash, but only in designated areas. Dogs are not allowed on the tourist train, in museums or the Safari Park. A ticket has to be purchased for dogs.

Exceptionally, therapy dogs and service dogs are allowed entry to facilities open for visitors.

Is there a pet-friendly hotel at Brijuni NP?

Yes, pets are allowed stay at certain rooms of the Istra/Neptun hotels at a fee and upon booking in advance. Pets are allowed to stay in the hotel only in rooms specifically designated for that purpose.

Can I leave my pet in the accommodation unit?

If you are leaving your accommodation unit, please don’t leave your pet unsupervised.

Are the restaurants pet-friendly?

Pets other than guide dogs are not allowed in restaurants, but only the restaurant outdoor terrace. Pets have to be kept on a leash and under control at all times when they are out of the hotel room.

Are pets allowed in the Safari Park?



Can you swim anywhere on the island?

No, only in designated swimming areas.

Where is the beach and what is the hotel beach like?

Saluga Beach is a well-tended sandy beach protected by the shade of centuries-old pine trees

What are the rates for beach loungers?

The daily rate for loungers is EUR 10. The daily rate for canopy loungers is EUR 28.

Are the beaches pet-friendly?

No. According to the Code of Conduct, dogs are allowed to swim in the area from the southern breakwater of the port of Veliki Brijun 50 m in the direction of Jupiter Beach.


Can I pay for the accommodation with a bank card?

You can pay for the accommodation with a bank card at the facility.

Can I pay by cash or credit card?

You can pay both by cash or credit card.

Which credit cards can be used for online payment?

We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners and Maestro (debit).

Can I pay in instalments?



Can we moor our yacht/sailing boat/boat in your port without prior notice?

Because of the small number of berths with a deep draught, we advise you to check availability and notify us in advance by e-mail at We will be happy to accommodate your vessel if we have room. Upon docking, you will be met by one of our sailors who will collect your personal information and boat documentation for the purpose of vessel registration.

How I can contact the port?

You can notify us of your planned arrival by e-mail at Port contact: VHF channel 9.