A break on the Fažana seaside promenade

Cafe Brioni

The start of your trip to the Brijuni archipelago

Before embarking on a boat for the Brijuni National Park, we gave our visitors the opportunity to take a break on the Fažana seaside promenade. Cafe Brioni has a wonderful view of the Fažana channel and the Brijuni archipelago.  

This is an inevitable stop for all those waiting to embark on the boat, and we offer hot and refreshing beverages and bottled wines from Istrian winemakers (by the glass). Taste high-quality Istrian wines and indulge in harmonious aroma and bouquet.  

You can enjoy delicious cakes and ice-cream  prepared in the Brijuni pastry shop.  
Take a break before the boat and have a taste of the Brijuni atmosphere even before starting your trip!