Ineluctable location for a break

Café Školjka

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee or a croissant prepared by the friendly staff of Café Školjka while sitting right next to the archaeological sites and the church of St. German.

Right next to the archaeological sites

Situated on the ground floor of villa Magnolija (called villa Šumadinka until the 1990s) which was built in 1912 as an addition to an old building erected near the kaštel (citadel), the terrace of the café Školjka  provides a shelter for enjoying a simple dish and refreshing beverages. It is primarily intended for daily sightseeing tour visitors on Brijuni, while it is an attractive setting in the evening thanks to the subdued light of the church and citadel, as well as pleasant live music. 

Ineluctable location for a break

Café Školjka is an ineluctable location for a break for many visitors enjoying their active vacation. Hot or cold drinks, sandwich, ice cream or cake - you choose.  

Right next to Café Školjka there is a souvenir shop where you can buy a gift for yourself or your loved ones to always remind you of this little piece of paradise.  

Look around and experience the perfect harmony of this place. The columns dating from ancient Rome visually embellish the terrace, and the diverse flora and fauna will complement the experience of having a cup of coffee in the national park. Take a short break and head over to the Café Školjka.