Popular diving site

St. Jerolim

Sveti Jerolim is open to visitors and it is possible to dock there with your private boat or as part of organized tours from Fažana or Pula. The surface area of the Sveti Jerolim island is 7.84 ha and the length of the coastline is 1.16 km. 

This island is a favourite day-excursion site and beach for the people of Pula and its surrounding areas. 


The St. Jerolim church

The island was named after a church and a monastery that once dominated the island and was destroyed by exploitation of stone. Today, one can only see the foundations of one of the walls of this sacral building.  
Due to its rich underwater world, Sveti Jerolim is also a popular diving site. 

The island can accommodate individual and group visits for an all-day stay and swimming. Shallow draft boats are allowed to dock and sail around the aquatorium after paying a fee according to the valid price list. Boats owned by legal and natural persons that transport visitors to Sv. Jerolim island can dock without prior notice after paying a fee on the island to the authorized representative of the Public Institution.