It looks like an open shell


The mystical island

The island of Vanga or Krasnica is probably the most mystical island of the Brijuni archipelago. With an area of 19.84 ha and the length of the coastline of 2.65 km, the Vanga island looks like an open shell and consists of a northern, residential, and a southern, economic, part. The island of Vanga also represents government-owned properties where vacation is provided for high-level political officials. Although there are plans to open the Vanga island to the public, it is still closed for visitors. 


Tito’s residence

Another one of Tito's residences is located on the Vanga island, where it appears as though time had stopped and you can see the wine cellar, the Slovene room and the Indonesian fisherman's salon, as well as a photographic laboratory and a workshop from his time.  

You can find grape vines, tangerines and other types of fruit on the island.