Royal sport on paradise islands


Tennis as a tradition

Tennis has a very long tradition on Brijuni. On the island and in summer, tennis can be played already after 3 p.m. since tennis courts are in the deep shade of century-old pines. And while in other places along the coast one can only imagine playing in the shade and having refreshing cocktails, here the conditions for playing tennis are indeed favorable. The playing conditions are almost ideal.  

Sometimes players can be distracted by herds of deer that come out to graze, moving freely around the tennis courts. Even the biggest tennis professionals stop and enjoy the natural beauty of the national park.

Ideal conditions

It is easy to get used to these magical conditions because Brijuni are the pearl of the Adriatic that offers unforgettable moments of playing tennis surrounded by nature.

Play sets you will remember forever, not only for winning or losing, but also for the unique opportunity to enjoy your favorite sport in pristine nature.   

NOTE: One tennis court is in operation.

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Play in almost ideal conditions and enjoy every set you play.