Veliki Brijun – the largest, most beautiful and most visited Brijuni island

Brijuni Escape

Veliki Brijun is the largest, most beautiful and most visited Brijuni Island. Its surface area amounts to 561 ha, and its coastline is 25.9 km long. This island is an exceptional example of harmony achieved by the unity between nature and human activity.

Museums and exhibitions


At the very entrance to the port of Veli Brijun, there is an unusual building – the Boathouse. Built in 1902 in the Art Nouveau style of Austro-Hungarian architecture, it attracts attention even today.

The island doctor Otto Lenz lived in this house. The Brijuni National Park Interpretation and Education Centre was also recently opened in the Boathouse.



The building of the former steam bath from 1912 houses the following exhibitions:


– The exhibition shows what former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito did on the Brijuni Islands from his first arrival on 20 June 1947 to the last day of his stay on 29 August 1979. There are 200 photographs on display, grouped into five topics covering his private and work life on the island.


– Based on the book with the same title by Paul Kupelwieser. Old postcards, photographs and printed materials will lead you through Paul Kupelwieser’s vision: the transformation of an island plagued with malaria into a posh summer resort and spa resort.


– Natural history exhibition. Nearly 200 taxidermied animals once donated to Tito have been placed in dioramas depicting the natural habitat of animals with the help of a painted background and plants. The exhibition thus has a special educational character and encourages further studying of nature, as well as the preservation of beauty, richness and diversity on Earth.


– In the lobby of the natural history exhibition, a display case was set up exhibiting the items that were seized as people have attempted to sell them illegally in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The international endangered species trade is controlled by the CITES treaty, signed by the Republic of Croatia in June 2000.


Service information

Arrival to Fažana

The Brijuni archipelago is located in the south of the Istrian peninsula, north of the entrance to the port of Pula. It is possible to travel all the way to Fažana near Pula by car, and very good traffic connections will ensure a pleasant journey on the Ipsilon express road. Traffic signs clearly indicating the direction and distance from the Brijuni Islands have been set up on this road.

For anyone planning a visit by plane, there are several options available: The Pula Airport is about 15 km away, the airport on the island of Krk is 120 km away, and the airport near Trieste is 150 km away.

Arrival to the Brijuni National Park

Upon arriving to Fažana, guests should report to the Public Institution Brijuni NP (address: Brionska 10, near the port) where they can pick up their passes for the national park. Transport by speedboat is available to the guests of the villa at the agreed time. Check-in should be done at the reception of the Neptune Hotel. Following their check-in, guests will be provided with transport from the hotel to the villa. A housekeeper will welcome them to the villa.


Arriving by your own boat

Upon arriving on the island, the staff of the national park will tend to the visitors, make their stay pleasant as well as make sure their individual wishes and needs are met.

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