13 kilometers of the trail

Bicycle trail

“A paradise journey guaranteed”, that is what the Park promises those who decide to take the bike trail on Brijuni. Slightly over 13 kilometers of the trail lead through exhibition areas, the golf course, various facilities, the Safari Park and Ethno Park, archaeological sites, forests, rocky coast and the bays. It would be hard to find a more diverse cycling trail. The trail is asphalted, and accessible even to those without much cycling experience.
Paradise journey

Bicycle trail on Brijuni


Self-guided tour. The tour around the island starts from the port of Veliki Brijun. After a short ride along the sea, we turn left. We pass next to the building that once housed a steam bath, and that is now home to three exhibitions: photo exhibition Josip Broz Tito on Brijuni, exhibition Memories of an Old Austrian and the natural history collection. We pass next to the facilities Jurina and Franina, and continue across the bridge to a unique golf course - one of the first golf courses in Europe. It is quite likely that we will encounter groups of axis deer, fallow deer and mouflon on the meadows and hills of the island along the way. They are part of the identity of Brijuni, and the entire visitor experience.

Entrance to the Safari Park

The road leads us to the Zoo. The Safari Park is home to exotic herbivores: the Indian elephant Lanka, llamas, zebras, Indian sacred cows and ostriches. The Ethno Park includes an Istrian family farm with autochthonous animal species: Istrian pramenka sheep, donkeys and goats.

St. Mary’s basilica, Byzantine Castrum, Saline …

We continue our ride further through the forest landscape along the western part of the island. We pass by the early Christian basilica of St. Mary, continuing down a mild slope to the Byzantine Kastrum, the archaeological site that is the richest by strata on the island. Continuing southwards, along the Saline ornithological reserve, a majestic nesting area with native and migrating bird species, we proceed onwards all the way to the cape of Peneda.

Verige and the temple of Venus

Our ride continues northwards, as we cycle along a wonderful rocky coast. We reach a location that represents the starting point of the walking educational trail Zelenikovac. Cycling further through the forest and the fields, we enter Verige Bay with the remains of the temple of Venus and a splendid villa rustica from the 1st century A.D. To our right, we can have a look at the Educational Underwater Trail. We continue along the coast to a nice beach in Saluga Bay, where we can take a swim. Continuing further through the forest to the end of the trail in the main port, we finish the cycling route at the same point where we embarked on our journey.

Due to limited traffic on the island, the trail is particularly suitable for families with children and recreational cyclists. The tour includes wonderful landscapes, natural values and cultural and historical sites of the Brijuni National Park.

  • Trail Length: 13.3 km
  • Elevation difference: 125 m
  • Recommended time of the year for visit: April, May, October, November
  • Bicycle rental possibilities: Available
  • Trail type: Asphalt

Contact for booking and information: izleti@np-brijuni.hr; tel. +385 (0)52 525 882 ili +385 (0)52 525 883.

Pedal away to your paradise bicycle journey.