Environment-friendly transport on the island


Bicycle is one of the favorite means of transport for many visitors of our National Park. A pleasant ride and a gentle breeze are an ideal combination for full indulgence in the mysterious beauty of Brijuni.
Relaxing ride

Explore Brijuni by bike

It is no wonder that the 300 bikes at disposal are sometimes not enough in high season. Asphalt trails provide a relaxing ride and a sense of safety even to beginners to cycling.


Awaken the explorer in you

Awaken the explorer in you and visit the many cultural and historical sights of the Brijuni Islands. Ride your bike and enjoy the extraordinary biodiversity, stunning archaeological sites and ancient dinosaur tracks. Brijuni are truly a unique combination of natural, cultural, historical and geopaleontological heritage.


Undiscovered bays

Choose a relaxing bicycle ride to the undiscovered bays and fill your lungs with the aromatic Mediterranean air.

* Payments for Sports services can be made only by card. Payments in cash are not accepted.

* Reservations are not possible.

Info: +385 99 808 1945

Help: +385 98 399 535

Info e-mail: sport-org@np-brijuni.hr

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Awaken the explorer in you and discover the hidden beauties of the Veliki Brijun in a pleasant bike ride.
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