For elephant Lanka

Considering all the inquiries during the last couple of months, led by untrue and outdated information, we should correct the false allegations.

Our elephant, Lanka, is taken care of by consistent veterinary control and supervision, excellent living conditions, and regular daily care. Lanka is nurtured by the best Croatian and European veterinary medicine experts, who are specialized precisely in the care of elephants. This kind of care requires specially adapted conditions of space and daily nutrition, with a specific diet, consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, vitamin-mineral supplements, and a varied additional cooked diet.

Moreover, Lanka has daily interaction with other animals in our park. She also has the special care of mahouts who have an enrichment program that includes many various assessments for leisure, exercise, and physical fitness. To have the best care, mahouts upkeeps the regular showering and washing Lanka, providing the special focus on her feet and skin. Besides that, Lanka is observed daily, while her exterior and interior living space is cleaned and maintained, adapted to summer and winter condition

Although mahouts and Lanka are in constant daily interaction, one part of the program also includes the interactions with visitors of Brijuni National park. Besides that, the enrichment program also includes playing music, to which Lanka responds very positively.

Furthermore, it is important to mention how the Institution is under various inspections, so the care of the elephant Lanka is following all current laws, rules, and regulations.

Regarding the recent inquiries about the care of elephant Lanka, it should be noted that the Public Institution takes excessive care of Lanka’s needs. The relocation of such an animal, which has long been part of the Brijuni and that has spent her entire life in the National Park, is excluded and would cause irreparable damage to her mental and physical health. The elephant Lanka has spent her entire life in a space to which it is emotionally attached and cannot function in difficult natural environments or survive on her own. It cannot be accepted by another "herd" nor would the Institution allow to be socialized with other elephants released from captivity, such as circuses, because those animals show aggressive behavior that could endanger Lanka.

Lanka is not a circus elephant. She has spent her life surrounded by good care and full of attention provided by people around her. Her relocation to a new territory in her age would cause stress, mental and emotional problems, which would ultimately have tragic consequences. Lanka has been monitored by experts for years and no one has ever suggested that she needs to be moved from the island or that a new partner should be brought to her after Sony's death. We need to be aware that Lanka is now an older animal who would find it difficult to accept the company of other elephants or any other changes in her everyday routine. Elephant Lanka is currently the only and last elephant in the Republic of Croatia and it is one of the longest-lived elephants in the world. We all must put the care of Lanka as a high priority, not only the Institution Brijuni National Park but also the state of Croatia, Europe, and a whole society.

Since the Institution improves the living conditions for elephant Lanka every year, it is important to mention how Lanka doesn’t live in the same conditions as she lived when it first came to the island of Veliki Brijun. During that time, she shared a third of the current living space with the elephant Sony. Over the years, the conditions have been improved, according to the guidelines of European elephant experts, along with cooperation with zoos in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna, and London.

According to the current living space of Lanka, we can say it is very good. However, we are keen to expand it to be even better and more luxurious. Improving the conditions will include refining and expanding the living space, upgrading and arranging a new pool, and upgrading and arranging a new sandbox. As this is the plan for the near future, now may be the right time to launch an action "For the elephant Lanka", throughout we can put our efforts together. In collaboration with activists, animal protection associations, and citizens we can reach the goal we all strive for - providing Lanka with even better living conditions.

Everyone willing to help in realizing this project can make a payment to the account of Zagrebačka bank

IBAN HR0523600001101435571

SWIFT COD: ZABAHR2X with the note "For the elephant Lanka".

The Institution Brijuni National Park will transparently publish every donation and the names of the donors, by providing all necessary shreds of evidence.

We thank you in advance for your suggestions, help, and care. Hopefully, we will prosper in this project together, for the benefit of our dear Lanka.