Guided kayaking tour programme

Kayaking tour

Our guided kayaking tour is an unforgettable paddling experience along the protected coastal area of the Brijuni National Park.


The kayak tour departs from the Veli Brijun island, heading for the islands of Kozada and Jerolim. The sights of Kozada may be enjoyed from the sea, while paddling along the island's coast, followed by a scheduled break in a bay on the south-eastern coast of Jerolim. We will take our time on Jerolim to sightsee, swim and take refreshment in a nearby catering facility. Upon returning from Jerolim, we will visit the Verige Bay and learn about the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Brijuni National Park.

Level of difficulty: light to moderate.



Our kayaking tour is given under controlled conditions and in small groups. Kayaking groups will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide who will familiarize tour guests with any necessary instructions on safety at sea, proper kayaking techniques, rules of conduct in the Brijuni National Park, as well as provide information about the historical value of the tour sites and wildlife biodiversity under the sea.


Tour guests will be provided with kayaks ("sit on top" models) with two (paddling) seats, paddles, life jackets and waterproof bags.

Guests are advised to bring enough drinking water and comfortable sportswear: shorts, lighter-coloured T-shirts, lycra T-shirts, swimsuit, light sneakers, a towel and sun protection (baseball cap or hat, sunglasses, sunscreen).



Children age 4 to 14 must be accompanied by a parent and/or other adult and must know how to swim or float on water.

Children age 4 to 10 who cannot paddle may accompany their parents in the kayak (a special seat provided).

Children age 10 to 14 who can and know how to paddle may take a normal (paddling) seat in the kayak.


Our kayaking tour may be enjoyed from June 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020.

Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in a booked time slot (morning or afternoon) from 9 am to 5 pm.

The tour departs from/arrives at the Jupiter or Saluga Beach, depending on weather conditions.

Tour duration: depending on sea conditions, the tour may take from 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. 



Kayaking tour price list

*The price includes a ticket for the Brijuni National Park, transfer from the port to the kayak tour starting point, necessary kayaking equipment (kayaks, paddles, seats, life jackets, waterproof bag) and a tour guide.

Info e-mail:


To participate in this tour, a slot must be booked in advance at /+385 99 808 1945 and tickets must be purchased at the following locations:

  • NP Brijuni Office, Brionska cesta 10, Fažana
  • Hotel Neptun Front Desk on Veli Brijun
  • Sport on Veli Brijun

To cancel the guided kayaking tour, a notice must be provided up to 24 hours before the appointed slot at the address where the tour was booked.