Team building programs

As a result of world trends, there is a growing demand for team building programs. Wishing to cater for the needs of congress and incentive tourism, as well as offer our visitors something truly special, we have organized programs that are unique in many ways: dynamic, creative, educational and most of all - fun! Specific by their level of performance, adaptable to particular, more demanding groups. Half-day, full-day, challenging, recreational... Our programs will satisfy even the most demanding visitors, they are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of groups.

Programs that are offered in cooperation with teams of experts:

Brijuni are not just the beauty of nature, they offer the inquisitive visitor much more. How did ancient Romans spend their leisure time, who were the Illyrians, when did the Venetians truly arrive...? You will discover all this and much more on Brijuni's archaeological adventure.

The team of rock-climbing instructors has put together a program that will make your heart beat faster. Become part of the team and surprise yourself. Challenging, yet safe; this program will satisfy even the most hard to please.

A good team is the basic prerequisite for successful business. Through amusing games introduced by world's leading team building experts you will discover why a team can perform better and achieve more than an individual.

A team can achieve much, yet cooperation between teams achieves  much more. Surprise your group! It all begins as an ordinary competition, but it becomes clear along the way that only with mutual cooperation the objective can be realized.

Imagine! Roman ruins, an abundance of delicious food prepared by true master chefs, arranged alternatively. But naturally, a well-knit team and team work is still required...

Divided in groups, equipped with electric cars, armed with cameras, set out to hunt animals on Brijuni! How many points for a fallow deer? More than the zebra, and followed by the rabbit.

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