In 2001 Brijuni received  the first donation  on the initiative of the President Mesić in order to improve living conditions of Brijuni’s elephants Sony and Lanka. We would like to thank to all the animal lovers who gave their contributions to our elephant couple and enabled them to have  a spacious area and regular meals.

Daily needs of elephants:
100 kg  hay
3 kg      rice
20 kg    bread
6 kg      bran
5 kg      apples
3 kg      pears
5 kg      cabbage
5 kg      carrots
10 kg    corn
20 kg    straw

Sony and Lanka were sponsored by:

Fredy Bühler, Switzerland 2001.
Tommy Sopwith , The United Kingdom 2001.
Vindija, Varaždin 2001.
Mehanika, Pula 2001.
Animal Rights Organisation, Vienna 2002.
Schönbrunner Tlergarten, Vienna ZOO 2002.
Roksol Yvana & Rostyslav Hrabarchuk 2002.
Eugenic & Nikolas Clive – Worms 2004.
Aida & Ivan Ljubičić 2006.
Gordian Tork, Italy 2006.
Uniters Spa 2007.
Gordian,Toniann&Tarmo,Italy  2007.                                        
Gordian, Toniann & Tarmo, Italy 2008.
Gordian, Toniann & Tarmo, Italy 2009.
Claudio Gabbiani, Italy 2010.

Safari park:
Croatia osiguranje, Zagreb 2006.
Croatia osiguranje, Zagrb 2007.

Special gratitude for donation of 10 000,00 Euro -2013. to  Uniters North America

For more information about the company please visit the site: www.uniters.com

We invite all the persons who are interested in helping with their donations to explore and protect Brijuni’s nature, to  present and preserve cultural and historical monuments for future generations.

JAVNA USTANOVA “NACIONALNI PARK BRIJUNI”, account 7001-3286436 at Zagrebačka banka


Safari park
Preservation of Aristotelian birds

Taking care of tombstones of the Kupelwiewers’ family
Making models of life-size dinosaurs in Dino park

Should you need further information, please contact us – brijuni@brijuni.hr