Another characteristic that makes Brijuni even more valuable in relation to other areas of this climate is its vegetation. On Veliki Brijun an extraordinary unity of natural elements and anthropogenesis has been achieved. By taking up the farmlands and by clearing the forests and transforming them into landscape parks with vast meadows, a unique landscape on the Croatian Adriatic coast has been created.

The majority of the flora on the archipelago of Brijuni has the typical Mediterranean characteristics. The most important plant associations of Veliki Brijun are:

  • Macchia 261 ha
  • Meadows 124 ha
  • Parks 118 ha
  • Holm oak forests 68 ha
  • Holm oak and laurel forests 48 ha
  • Conifers 18 ha

It is interesting to point out that on the islands there are some plant species that are among the endangered plant species of Istria (marine poppy, wild cucumber, some grass species etc.), but on the islands they are quite widespread and develop freely.

More information: s.dujmovic@brijuni.hr