The Presentation and Education Centre of the Brijuni National Park has been opened at the Boathouse. This new permanent display is presented in an innovative and interactive manner and it is meant for the visitors to independently explore, learn and find out about the cultural, historic and natural heritage of the archipelago.
The Boathouse is a Secession building erected in 1902 by the Austrian industrial magnate and owner of the archipelago Paul Kupelwieser. It was home to Dr. Otto Lenz, the island doctor. Lenz lived there with his family for over 30 years, and therefore the introductory part of the exhibition is dedicated to his life on the island and to numerous famous visitors to the island at the turn of the twentieth century.

The permanent exhibition is divided into six thematic units: Brijuni Time Machine, Brijuni Archipelago, Mainland, Submarine World, Threats and Awareness. The first unit, Brijuni Archipelago, sheds light on the fascinating history of the Brijuni. It presents the archipelago as the dinosaur promenade, the home of farmers, producers of superb olive oil and skilled stone-masons, the abode of visionary geniuses and the stage of important events in recent history.
The following room reveals everything about the Brijuni Islands. The impressively illuminated model of the archipelago is a perfect spot to take a rest and watch a film about the entire archipelago or else, about one of its 14 islands and islets, each unique in its beauty. Owing to their natural assets, many of these islands are strictly protected and inaccessible to the public.
The Mainland exhibition space equipped as a research biological laboratory and the late nineteenth-century natural science museum acquaints visitors with the breathtakingly rich Brijuni flora and fauna through four of the most important habitats, i.e. grasslands, shrublands, forests and mainland waters. Among other things, you will see our insect collections, enjoy the scents of nature and hear bird songs.
To experience the Brijuni submarine world, visitors enter a room that feels like the interior of a submarine. Like genuine explorers, they will uncover numerous interesting facts about marine life. The Brijuni sea bed is presented through various films, interactive exhibits, collections and educational games.
The space focusing on Threats, on the other hand, feels more dramatic due to an ambience created by louder music and dark colours. It presents threats faced by all natural habitats as a consequence of irresponsible behaviour towards nature and our environment.
The last thematic unit, Awareness, is dominated by beauty, lushness, vitality of nature and its harmony - the main visual message of this room promotes the idea that all the people are part of harmony and perfection, responsible for life and its preservation. It demonstrates the importance of protected areas whose beauty, richness and diversity constitute the principal value, one of our most important natural resources.