Children's educational workshops


In the Boathouse

During August and September, the Brijuni National Park is organising educational workshops for hotel guests with a view to improving knowledge on the natural and cultural values of the Park.

The children’s workshops focus on developing their knowledge of environmental protection in a fun and creative way. The participants have access to a reading corner with picture books and encyclopaedias, while the content and the materials (for making prints in clay, origami, insect models, animal aiding tools...) in the creative corner change every day and with an educator’s assistance, children can solve age-appropriate worksheets that match their prior knowledge. The educator will also take them on a thematic sightseeing of the Boathouse, where they can get directly acquainted with the values of the Brijuni National Park.

Apart from broadening their knowledge, the participants will also have access to various board games (Memory, Uno, Dominoes, puzzles, Mikado...) and thematically selected colouring books. For children who are quick to master new concepts and are high-energy, we have also prepared some sports and competitive games.

The workshops are held by Iva Vukalović, a fourth-year student of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Pula, in cooperation with the educators and the employees of the Department of Professional Affairs of the Brijuni National Park.

The workshops are primarily held in Croatian, but considering how broad the offer is, speakers of other languages ​​are also welcome.

Workshop topics

The topics of the workshops change daily, so even if your visit to the park is longer, we have ensured that your little ones never have a dull moment with us!

  • Monday – Forests and grasslands of the Brijuni
  • Wednesday – The Brijuni underwater world
  • Thursday – Freshwater habitats on the Brijuni
  • Friday Natural protection and hazards with an emphasis on recovery sites in national parks
  • Saturday – Archaeological and palaeontological pearls of the Brijuni

Participation and method of enrolling in workshops

  • The maximum number of children per workshop is 10. They are intended for children aged 5–10.
  • There is no registration for the workshops and parents can simply bring their children to the education and interpretation centre of the Boathouse, to the MALI LAB room at the specified time, where they will be welcomed by the educator Iva.
  • The workshops will be available at the given times until all vacancies are filled.
  • Children can come at any time during the workshops.
  • All hotel guests have the right to participate.

Workshop schedule


WEDNESDAY 10 am–12 pm

The workshops will take place throughout August and September.