• exchange your vows in the fabulous decorated St. German’s church from the 15th century with romantic sounds of flutes and violins
  • arrange for your guests a ceremonial toast with delicious culinary treat in one of the most beautiful archaeological sites on the seashore, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation from which edges many deer will observe you curiously
  • entertain your guests with interesting panoramic train-ride to experience the story of Brijuni throughout memories and legends
  • let the magical beauty of Brijuni green oasis become part of your most beautiful memories – take a drive in Tito’s Cadillac & capture those moments by photography on valuable archaeological sites, near the old olive tree planted in the 4th century AD, in the picturesque Mediterranean garden or in one of the numerous bays with crystal clear waters where shells can be seen as on the palm and where the air smells of pine and laurel
  • allow us to magnify your special moments with top gastronomic experience - serving a carefully selected dinner designed just for you in our restaurants or at one of many locations in the open under the starry sky
  • luxury villas and hotels on the coast, offer accomodation for your guests (photo gallery & video) 

Contact us with confidence. Let your sweet concerns become ours. We will be happy to talk with you about your desires to make together this beautiful day into a dream wedding.

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