Catering offer

Catering offer on Brijuni Islands starting from 19th century until the present day draws attention. It evokes on a rich food offer and high-quality service, relax and harmony with a dose of mysticism and desire to peek inside the world of trendy resort.

The founder of the flourishing of Brijuni Islands and tourism was Paul Kupelwieser. In the hotels many members of the European jet-set stayed, feasting in a charming luxury of the restaurants and splendid terraces situated next to the beach, enjoying in the gastronomic skills of the best culinary experts.

In the middle of the last century when the dust of evanescence and war havoc settled above the hotels, Josip Broz Tito decided to return the old dazzle and glamour. Gastronomic and wine experts prepared fancy foods appropriate for the new era and selected taste of the worldwide elite that visited Brijuni.

Today, at the beginning of the new millennium the Brijuni cattering offer aspires toward new trends of enjoying food and drink, and locations where the food is prepared and served are linked with the rich Brijuni history. Although the culinary skills and culture of food and drink have been changing during the history, in some special occasions today is possible to prepare some meals based on recipes from the rich Brijuni history and with them it is possible to awake the visitor’s imagination.

Restaurant "Galija"

Restaurant "Galija" is our most renowned restaurant with a seating capacity of 70 in the dining room and 30 on the terrace. It is located in close proximity to the central jetty. If you choose to visit restaurant "Galija", you will surely have a chance to enjoy the creative Mediterranean cuisine together with a fine choice of seafood and meat specialties, as well as flambéed desserts.            

Restaurants in the Hotel Neptun

There are two restaurants in the hotel: "Neptun" with 140 and "Venera" with 80 seating places. The restaurants offer a possibility of organizing gala receptions where food is served on a hot-warm buffet table or banquet style. Guests also have at their disposal an à la carte menu. In addition to these two restaurants the hotel also offers two multi-purpose salons which can be used as meeting rooms or dining rooms: "Polo salon" and "Salon Obljak" with a seating capacity of 20 and 14.       

Outdoor restaurants

Very often large restaurants do not provide a pleasant setting and atmosphere for smaller groups. This makes us special; it is possible to make a reservation in the largest restaurant for a large group, or if you are a small group we will modify our "catering restaurant" to suit you.

You can choose to watch the sunset, have a view of Brijuni harbor or a candlelight dinner. The catering service at one of the locations of your choice set in the natural landscape provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy carefully prepared food and drinks. This is an ideal setting for wining and dining in a relaxed atmosphere so typical of the Brijuni Islands.   

Restaurant "Plaža"

Restaurant "Plaža" situated at the very seaside, with a seating capacity of 130, besides the fascinating view towards the Istrian mainland in the shade of century-old pines, offers a wide variety of fresh seafood and meat dishes. The menu is suited to the need for light, quality meals in summer months, naturally accompanied with a wide choice of fine Istrian wines and other refreshing drinks.

Restaurant "Školjka"

During the daytime the terrace of restaurant "Školjka", situated between the church of St.German and Kaštel-citadel, provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy simple dishes and refreshing drinks, and is primarily intended for visitors on daily sightseeing tours of Brijuni. In the evening hours it is an attractive setting owing to the subdued light of the church and citadel, as well as pleasant live music.