Environment protection

Charter of the Public institution "Brijuni National Park" on environmental protection

The protection and preservation of "Brijuni National Park" implies the protection of plant and animal life, water, land, as well as landscape with the intention of protecting and preserving the authenticity of nature, ensuring unobstructed progress of natural processes and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

The preservation of environment is approached pursuant to environmental laws and cultural demands as essential criteria for defining development trends, since man's natural environment enables him to realize his fundamental necessities of life.

The development orientation of "Brijuni National Park" aims at economically sustainable development based on viable tourism, hotel management and traditional agriculture founded on environmentally acceptable technologies, with the purpose of its permanent preservation for future generations.

"Brijuni National Park" employees contribute to the lifestyle of our hotel guests with their quality of service, informing, as well as distinct approach and level of awareness regarding distribution of responsibility.

Guests of "Brijuni National Park" are environmentally aware and sensitive to every unnatural method of affecting nature, and motivated in contributing to a healthy way of life and creating a more pleasant environment.